Helping Global Pandemic Fighting JMC Donating Ambulances to Several Countries

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Update time : 2021-03-04 16:58:28

Currently, the COVID-19 is being well controlled in China, however, the global COVID-19 is spreading rapidly. On April 21, JMC again donated five ambulances to the national medical organizations in several countries, including Bolivia, Egypt, Panama and Burma, etc. after donating masks to Ford Motor Company in the U.S., MekraLang Company in Germany, Faurecia Company in France, Renault Group in France and Lear Company in America.

The donation ceremony was held in JMC Xiaolan Plant. Qiu Tiangao, the Party Secretary and Chairman of JMCG, the Chairman of JMC, declared the shipment. Jin Wenhui, the first EVP of JMC, hosted the ceremony.

As the largest ambulance manufacturer in China, JMC took the initiative in pandemic fighting and made its own contribution by delivering high-quality ambulances, especially the negative pressure ambulances, thus being awarded as Auto No.1 for Pandemic Fighting. JMC was the earliest manufacturer that delivered ambulances to Wuhan, and also shipped the most ambulances all over China. Now JMC adheres to the concept of community with a shared future for mankind, and donated to overseas, which exemplifies the capability and responsibility of an auto manufacture in a great power, and also refreshes the overseas image of JMC.

We shall overcome the difficulty together. As the main exporter of LCV with the largest market share, JMC is the national vehicle export base. In recent years, JMC has been actively developing the key overseas strategic market and establishing close cooperation relationship with overseas partners. Now the pandemic is quickly spreading overseas, our partners are fighting against it, JMC people are caring about our partners. JMC actively contacted the overseas dealers and expressed sympathy and solicitude. At the same time, JMC sent the personal protection manual to overseas dealers, and also the showroom operation guidance during the pandemic period, as well as the facial masks, forehead thermometer and other supplies, so as to help them overcome the difficulty.

JMC also provided the package commercial policy support to the overseas dealers affected by the pandemic, including relaxing the KPI, extending the warranty for expiring vehicles. The commercial support can relieve the operation pressure of dealers, and the end-users can experience the humanity care from JMC.

The world is united for pandemic fighting. Besides the supplies, JMC has video conference with the management of overseas dealers for at least twice a week to understand the demand of the dealers. JMC shared with them the pandemic fighting experience and professional prediction of China, and also recommended the SVO products for pandemic fighting, thus providing the whole solution for overseas pandemic fighting.

From the communication, we understood that the countries where our dealers are were in urgent demand of ambulances. JMC responded quickly and produced five negative pressure ambulances and ordinary ambulances for donation. These ambulances shall be shipped to the countries soon to help them fight the pandemic.

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