Fight Against Virus with Foreign Cooperative Partners Together

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Author : JMMC
Update time : 2021-03-04 17:02:47

At present, China's epidemic situation is further consolidated, but the global epidemic situation is spreading. As an enterprise with a sense of mission and responsibility, while doing well in its own epidemic prevention and control work, JMMC actively understands the situation of epidemic prevention and control from its overseas partners and provides help within its capabilities.   

Recently, JMMC purchased disposable medical masks from various sources, sent them to overseas dealers for support, sent them to partners for warmth, and contributed a little to the epidemic prevention and control work, for everyone's emergency. The being donated enterprises responded one after another and expressed their thanks.   


            ( masks purchased by JMMC donated to overseas partners)          


JMCG, as a group who has friends all around the world, should shoulder the responsibility for the friends. Regardless of favorable circumstances and adversity, we and our strategic partners need not only to work together in the same direction and win-win cooperation, but also to keep watch and help each other and bear the same burden of wind and rain.  

In the future, JMMC will continue to practice the sense of corporate responsibility and mission, launch more high-quality products and services, provide safe, healthy and efficient travel solutions for the users, and also contribute to win the prevention and control of the epidemic.

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