In the War of Fighting Against Coronavirus, Those "Jiangling Forces" Warm People's Hearts

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Update time : 2021-03-04 17:04:16

10 Ford Transit negative pressure ambulances donated toWuhan 

Sincethe outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, it has been affecting the heart ofJiangling people. At present, the negative pressure monitoring ambulance is anindispensable materials for emergency support in the epidemic area. JMCGfocuses on the epidemic area, fully coordinates its affiliated enterprises,recalls employees in an emergency, mobilizes resources of all parties, andworks overtime to produce Jiangling Ford Transit negative pressure ambulance,which helps the epidemic area.           

On themorning of February 3, 18 Transit negative pressure monitoring ambulances wererushed to Wuhan, 10 of which will be donated to the front line of Wuhan to fightthe epidemic, contributing Jiangling forces.   

(Yin Meigen, member of the Standing Committee ofJiangxi Provincial Committee and Secretary of Nanchang Municipal Committee,awarded Jiangling banner to the team and announced the departure)   


Onbehalf of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, YinMeigen expressed his thanks and high respect to the cadres and employees of JMCGwho were fighting in the front line. He stressed that in the face of theepidemic, the whole country resolutely responded to the call of the PartyCentral Committee and the State Council, and worked with one heart and one mindto prevent and control the epidemic. In this campaign, the cadres and employeesof JMCG gave up the Spring Festival holiday, the reunion with their families,sticking to their posts, bravely shouldering heavy burdens, working overtime tomake ambulances, and made great contributions to the prevention and control ofthe epidemic.  


At thedeparture ceremony, Qiu Tiangao, chairman of the board of JMCG, said that underthe careful guidance of the municipal Party committee and the municipalgovernment, JMCG actively implemented the important directive spirit of generalsecretary Xi Jinping on the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation.Facing the problem of the shortage of ambulances in the epidemic areas,especially the shortage of negative pressure monitoring ambulances, JMCG  took the initiative to raise the heavy burdenand overcome the shortage of stocks and suppliers , logistics andtransportation control and many other difficulties, organizing manufacturingquickly. Jiangling employees also give up their vacation and take theinitiative to ask for war against the virus.


"Loveis boundless, industry serves the country. You are the most beautiful"reverse Walker"! " Qiu Tiangao, on behalf of JMCG,  thanked Jiangling people who worked hard ontheir posts during the Spring Festival and worked overtime to fight against theepidemic, especially all the members who undertook the task of delivering cars,and asked them to do their own protection. "Jiangling people will wait foryour safe return."      

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