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JMMC Brief

JMCG Jingma Motor Co.,Ltd (JMMC) was founded in 1958, which is one of the seven automotive OEMs of JMCG, engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of 6 to 12-meter bus, as well as special vehicles like fire engine, based on ISUZU technology and standard.
JMMC has 2 factories with yearly production capacity over 6,000 units.
JMMC coach’s sales ranked 1st in 6m segmented market in China, and 2nd in 7m segmented market in 2019.
At present, the products have been exported to Southeast Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Oceania, etc., adapting to different environments such as mountains, snow, ocean, plateau, tropical, etc., and are well received by users.
The company was awarded " Top 10 Industrial Enterprises" by National Transportation Enterprise Management Committee of China in 2012.
JMMC Co-star was the designated reception vehicle for Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2018.
JMCG Jingma Motor Co.,Ltd (JMMC) is one of the subsidiaries of Jiangling Motors Corporation Group Co., Ltd (JMCG).

JMCG Brief

Jiangling Motors Corporation Group Co., Ltd (JMCG), founded in 1947. JMCG is one of the largest exporters of Chinese automobile export buses and light commercial vehicles. In 2020, the Group achieved operating income of 14.6 billion USD and sales of 381367 vehicles, ranked 82nd in Chinese Top 500 Manufacturing Companies, and 192nd in Chinese Top 500 Enterprises.
The company has 39 subsidiaries, and its business covers in automobile and auto parts, also widely involved in automobile import and export, auto finance, auto disassembly, engine manufacturing, engineering machinery, logistics, real estate and other fields.
JMCG has set joint venture with ISUZU, Ford, Renault, consecutively and respectively and cooperated with many other World Top 500 Enterprises, and it has  12 overseas operation centers to serve distributors and users in 115 countries globally.