Fortune 105

PN Fortune 105
Dimension(mm) 10480*2550*3300mm
Energy storage system (kWh) 255.48
Seats 90/19-33
Main Parameters PN Fortune 105
Product Number JMV6101GRBEVL
Motor Type Full Electric
Dimension(mm) 10480*2550*3300mm
Kerb weight(kg) 11150KG
Gross vehicle weight(kg) 18000KG
Max Speed(km/h) 69 (with ECU speed limiter)
Color Golden, white, customized
Power System Battary brand CATL
Battery capacity(kWh) 255.48
Mileage(km,40km/h) 455KM at A/C off , 295KM at A/C on
Battery type Lithium iron phosphate battery
Charging time(H) 1.5h
Rated/Max power(kW) 110/200
Rated/Max torque (N.M) 1000/2500
Chassis Chassis Instructure Integral Body
Steering system Hydraulic power steering
Brake System Dis/Drum, ABS+Gap self-regulator
Suspension System Air suspension, front 2 rear 4
Tire 275/70R22.5
Tire QTY/pcs 6
Body Frame Integral Body
Door arrangement Central Electric folding door
Air conditioner (A/C) 28000kcal
Audio & video system Radio+MP3+high quality speakers
Seats material Plastic seats for buses
Interiors ●Sliding window of  the drive's door 
●Plastic spraying aluminum black side window frame 
●Antiskid plastic flooring 
●Electronic clock
●Inner rear view mirror 
●Front and rear Independent wiper  
●Fire extinguisher
Optional Stainless steel wheel cover  
Metallic paint                                                                                                                                 
LED display board (front/rear/side)                                                                                                                                          
Coin machine