JMMC Troop carrier

PN JMMC D77 Troop Carrier
Dimension(mm) 7725*2050*2640mm
Emission Euro IV, V, VI
Seats 23
Main Parameters PN JMMC D77 Troop Carrier
Fuel Diesel
Dimension(mm) 7725*2050*2640,2710,2820mm
Kerb weight(kg) 4480kg
Gross vehicle weight(kg) 6900kg
Max. Speed(kw/h) 100Km/h, with ECU speed limiter
Color Golden, white, customized
Luggage compartment(m³) 0.45m³
Engine Engine model JX4D30A4H
Emission Euro IV
Displacement (litres) 2.892L
Maximum output( kW/rpm) 112/2800kW/r/min
Maximum torque (Nm/rpm) 382N·m1600-2800r/min
Chassis Transmission 6 MT MAGNA
Clutch Single, dry, diaphragm spring, hydraulic power
Steering system Hydraulic power steering
Brake system Double-circuit, front and rear drum brake, with hydraulic vacuum
Suspension system Front 3 rear 4 leaf spring
Tire 7.50R16LT,7.50-16LT
Tire QTY/pcs 6+1
Body Frame Fully stamped with closed ring frame body
Door arrangement Central Electric folding door
Air conditioner (A/C) 14000kcal
Audio & video system Radio+MP3+high quality speakers
Seats material High-quality imitation leather seats
Interiors ●Adjustable steering wheel
●Sliding window of  the drive's door 
●Plastic spraying aluminum black side window frame 
●Antiskid plastic flooring
●Electronic clock
●Inner rear view mirror
●Front and rear Independent wiper
●Fire extinguisher
Police configuration ● External signs
● Front roof flashing light alarm
● Side top flashing warning light
● On-site monitoring and video acquisition system 
● Loudspeakers
● Steel mesh protection for side windows, steel mesh open-close type
Optional Stainless steel wheel cover
Electric swing door
Rear Double Door
Inner luggage rack
Safety top window 2725mm
Top exhaust fan 2820mm
USB charging port
Capacities Fuel capacity (litres) 90L
Seating capacity 23
Features Antirust Fully cathodic electrophoresis
Fuel efficiency 14.9L/100km