JMCG Jingma Motor Co., Ltd.

In Malaysia- KD cooperation
In 2015, the JMMC team entered Malaysia for on-site inspections, combined with local mountain roads and climate, developed 6m and 7.7m right-hand drive models for Malaysian intercity commuting.
In North and South America-Bus
Since 2009, the product has been adaptively debugged and successfully matched the North American and South American markets, eg. Peru, Cuba, Honduras, Costa Rica.
In South Africa- Right Hand Bus
JMMC completed the South African certification of the 6m model D60 in 2014, positioning the local commuter car and short-distance travel, and providing high-quality and cost-effective commuter products for the local market.
Philippines--Dental Vehicles
In 2015, the Philippine Ministry of Health, in order to solve the difficulties of dental care and treatment in remote areas, proposed to JMMC Company for dental treatment on-board equipment and other requirements. 
In West Asia- Pure electric bus
In 2020, JMMC helped the West Asian government to order pure electric bus E66, which has traveled more than 3,500 kilometers and the vehicle is in good condition.